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The Salon:

They say, "what's in a name?" At Olive Dogs Grooming Salon we say, "It's all in our name, darling!" So, what does Olive Dogs mean? Our meaning is two-fold and both meanings are in the pronunciation of the word "olive." Olive Dogs means "I love dogs" - because we do! Secondly, Olive Dogs means "all of dogs" because we not only love all dogs, we also groom all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Many people view their dog(s) as a part of the family and we at Olive Dogs Grooming Salon are no exception. We would love if our canine clients felt as if they were visiting their second home when they came to see us. It is also important that our pet owners feel at ease leaving their fur babies in our care. We strive to deliver a high quality experience for both pet and owner. Feel free to stop by and say, "Woof!" anytime!

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